Episode 155

Ep 155 - Eboni K Williams and Iyanla Vanzant backlash - Would u date a Bus driver?

The Aunties kick things off in their fancy new London digs, playing a game that's basically a high-stakes version of the alphabet soup.


They spill the tea on a sister who got the cold shoulder from her church when she needed a loan. Apparently, her tithes weren't fat enough!

The Aunties throw some serious shade at churches that count their members' offerings. They argue it's more about the Benjamins than the Bible.

They dive into the Tarte Cosmetics scandal that's got black influencers fighting. The CEO's 'non-apology' didn't help cool things down. The CEO response video was out of order and the Aunties call her out.

A dude named Kwasi Kwarteng the Tory MP gets read for filth for suggesting black people are too focused on race. The hosts aren't having any of that nonsense.


They chat about Tory Lanez's courtroom drama and two UK influencers who decided to settle their beef in the boxing ring Paigey Cakey and Tennessee Fresh

The Aunties ponder the trend of influencers throwing punches for paychecks. Aunty Nana and Aunty Sade are ready to step into the ring for the right price, while the other is more concerned about keeping their brains intact.

Brian McKnight gets called out for playing favourites with his kids. The Aunties aren't buying his excuses.

The ladies tackle the tricky topic of rejecting men's advances. They argue that women shouldn't have to risk their safety to turn a guy down.

They share a cringe-worthy encounter with "toilet men" and discuss the double standards women face when dealing with unwanted attention.

The Aunties call out public figures who talk a big game about black empowerment but don't walk the walk in their personal lives.

Eboni K Williams gets put on blast for her comments about dating bus drivers. The Aunties have some thoughts on her "preferences."

They challenge the idea that money can solve racism and discuss the harmful effects of job shaming within the black community.

They call out fashion brands like Boohoo and Pretty Little things for cashing in on black culture without showing any respect or understanding.

The Aunties discuss some heavy topics, including hobosexuals, animal testing, and police brutality, reminding us that it's not all fun and games.

Despite the serious topics, the hosts express their gratitude for their platform and their new home at Garden Studios.

They wrap things up by reminding viewers to like, comment, and subscribe.

Remember, ladies, keep it real, keep it honest, and keep it fabulous!



I really wish yeah on some you know because obviously he's he's still getting money every time his songs are


played and he probably is going to get a spike now do you know what I mean yeah like but I wish you could press a button on Spotify and just say anything by this


artist ever I don't want to hear it


they really just like put a person absolutely yeah I would love that in playlist anything


nothing like I just definitely written they've written and they project nothing they're going to do this next year


they're gonna do this you copyright yeah


whenever I'm on Tak and I'm here with antifara Auntie Nana and auntie and


guess what guys we're in a new home we're at The Hive in Garden studios now


guys if you want a space to record your podcast create new content rent office space all that good stuff details will


be coming soon but remember you heard it here first Garden studios West London


baby it's north west London but still yeah I was gonna say we won't hate yeah just


for you lots uh benefit as well this is my second hat so I'm wearing two hats today because the garden is my home one


of those places that I deployment runs the Garden studios manager of many things as my Instagram profile says


um guys how you doing the auntie good good this is lovely yeah I'm very comfortable yeah yeah


uncomfortable yeah yeah I am I'm very I'm literally I know you've got a good spot I know always that's right nothing


has really changed greatly like we're we're still in our formation we just do it yeah you know we might


it feels like normal times alrighty Auntie Flora take it away oh yeah the game let the games begin so


calm down no no because you know oh you know this one is a competition as


well oh really yeah yeah it makes sense you don't make me not want to play this game I swear down no no I'm kids I'm


good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm just gonna pick a random letter there yeah that's right for Farah okay


country France Frankfurt no no no City isn't it Finland


City Frankfurt City oh man I'm gonna say France City


animal frog


Auntie Lana oh my God body part


feet face sir fingers


jump um Frank


en machine operative


it is if I look it up and find it then what


brand Fendi foreign jeans


far out what no shoe famous person


um Frank Ocean Frank Ocean was in my head


Frank Sinatra that's not an answer clothing


um clothing from your neck jumper footless tights


chemical element oh God


I don't know all right none of you sport so it's sport uh fencing fuse ball


football okay and at the end of that round the winner is auntie chardo thank you closely followed by Auntie Nano and


Auntie AK is lost was I you were yeah [Laughter]


you were lost that's okay


your brain just don't work it doesn't work


all right here's our enemy of progress okay all right so I have


there's a post going around Jen this woman and what she was saying was she's been going to a church for 26 years


and she's fallen on Hard Times like most people cost of living crisis and all of that jazz and she went to the church for


a loan and they said you haven't put in enough for us to give you a loan and then she found out that tithes are


counted when you're giving in your envelope there is somebody doing accountancy on how much you're diving yeah see you knew this I didn't know


this there was Bare Christians in there and I was like yeah that's standard like you can't just take out but what happened to Christian charity


yeah that behavior is an enemy what what the what I feel like that the church


yeah it's not very Christian see I don't I don't know about that type of Christianity because I go to a Catholic


church and we put shekels in a basket and no one's counting how many shekels I put in a basket there are some people


that do envelopes and they and you can do direct debit if that's what you choose but it's not like anyone's going


around counting Our Father only put three pounds in there today they're lucky if I put anything sometimes because cost of living but I didn't know


about that it kind of like it's mad that she goes to church she's been going to church this often because it should be


about almost her whole life right it should be about you being part of the community and being in the faith it


shouldn't be you didn't put in enough you didn't put in on this it shouldn't be that should it really super Church behavioral is she American or


yeah no I'm not saying it doesn't I'm just saying like obviously like their


system is different do you know what I mean like it's it's a bit more robust in terms of like in terms of how the


churches make money how they get taxed right off all that kind of stuff so they have to account for everything and if


you haven't I I don't know me I don't know and maybe I'm popular here but if you haven't put


in how are you taking up


what church is about it goes It goes against everything I think in in any other situation I understand have you


ever put on on this and you're expecting a reward it kind of can be a bit murky like church is supposed to be church


it's supposed to be if you're in need come together the community and support the person in Need No to me but I do


think like if you only put a in a dollar and I'm putting in a hundred like that


means maybe maybe is there's levels to it but like and also have you can been


consistent and stuff and everything like that like where I don't know I don't think I don't think it says


the whole reason why you're putting in the pot is to support the church right so like if you if there's a church if


the roof needs to be fixed or something like that yeah right it's to support the church and the people that are that need it yeah that go to the church so it


should not be about how much money you've put in that to me sounds kind of mad yeah how much did she want she


didn't say what was the issue again she she's just fallen on Hard Times


I don't know why that made you laugh though it made me laugh because it was


so ambiguous that's why it's like I fall on a hard time and I get some money please um it kind of made me it made me laugh


in that respect I mean she might have said regardless of the fact it's not Christian to be


to say that to say that oh you haven't put in enough so you can't get that's not Christian okay maybe it's not Christian but I I


don't necessarily disagree it's like a hardship she's applied for a hardship load yeah


yeah it was shocked at the fact that you didn't know they were counting the money again I thought that was a part of being


a part of a church community that you put money in and when you need something you can get a Little Help from your


church Community I thought that was one of the perks to being a Christian no I remember going to a church and they'd


pick up the ones that gave 100 pounds this month and did it or whatever so the


people get shout out extra blessings for the ones that gave more there's a competition it's not good all of it I


mean it's a business yeah yeah it shouldn't be there no but I mean but how


can I don't know like in terms of like if it's organizing people bringing the community together why shouldn't it be


that I don't get it it's literally like the opposite of what Jesus was preaching


yeah of religion that is not what it's about


yeah I think it needs to be reflected on a modern day to be honest and it just needs to then be organized and be able


to help people do you know what I mean like and at the end of the day if they know how much he's put in and it isn't


enough to get and round up that this is one big massive enemy of progress because we can't get together


he said Nana's end of your


[Laughter] Progressive


okay this is how you progress


um my enemy of progress I'm putting into what are we putting them into do they go in a room into a bucket Hellfire what is


it off the cliff and they go off the cliff off the cliff okay


so I am pushing Maureen Kelly who is the CEO of tarte Cosmetics I'm pushing it


off the cliff because I think her and her company have absolutely taken like


they've called us caused a scandal yeah in you know the girls the influencer


black girls they're fighting at the moment they're fighting all over Tick Tock she's caused the Scandal her company is called the Scandal and it


seems that she's got away with it scot-free and no no no no no no no so everyone might be ignoring it but no for


us your enemy will progress so just a quick synopsis of what happened basically tart had this


um brand trip they invited some people but kind of tiered them and they didn't


necessarily know so this girl Bria he's a black influencer she was supposed to go on the trip and she said that because


it was teared she she wasn't gonna go now it just did so happen that she


misread her email so it wasn't tiered as what she said however the company has


been known been known for discriminating against black creators um not that even their range is very


very it's not for us do you know what I mean Jackie einer's been telling us from


at least a good couple of years ago tar is not the one way so this next girl um fanita I think he's very popular on


Tick Tock she went on the trip as a last minute request and another girl who's


known as specs and Blazers also went on the trip now they got a lot of heat for going on the trip


um and they basically maybe found out that it was a Mis uh communication from


Bria um misreading her email they found that out and then they just launched a bit of


an attack really that's what it seemed like well not so much for Nita I would say more specs and Blazers she Stitch


Bree's video we're saying you know in my day um I would sleep on the train I would I


would just be grateful to be in a Cupboard this next guy yeah now you're saying it it was just


wild and then she called herself at one point the Harriet Tubman of black influencers what the [ __ ]


who are you freaking [ __ ] you know what I mean who are you free because it ain't


us it was ridiculous it's crazy it was


ridiculous the thing is yeah I don't know I'm not


necessarily going to put her in because I think she's got issues but this this Maureen yeah so the side sees all this


happening and it decides to do a non-apology while doing a get ready with me video


the video is crazy so so you're apologizing you're a CEO of the whole


company and you're seeing this black girl's pain and you think let me just put my mascot and say oh I woke up sad


oh wow yeah are you all right the videos the video is so nuts it's almost like


you'd think it was a parody somebody right somebody pretending to be the CEO yeah yeah it's wild that's actually


happened and she put up she put it up and then she does another video later when she realizes that you know maybe


that wasn't the way to go she checked herself if she checked


herself maybe it shouldn't be I shouldn't do that and then she basically does this


other video where it seems like I've you know she's like talking to a 12 year old where she's just like oh yeah I made a


mistake I'm so sorry and what I'm gonna do is like you know repeat all the initiatives that I said I was going to


do for the black lives matter movement and when we was doing in the black Square she just literally repeated the whole thing then she I just don't even


know she she just really took it to a level where it didn't need to be she starts then saying oh yeah and we're


gonna do more initiatives for Disabilities and all we're going to do more initiatives for Latina are you all


right bro just maybe first of all deal with the issue at hand do all the issue at hand and then create the list do you


know what I mean so I just wasn't yeah she needs to go yeah she needs to go and


she needs to pay yeah when anybody does these missteps they actually need to put money yes in funds like really and


there's loads more than black lives matter anyway yeah do something else my enemy of process is our favorite


his statement where he said black people are obsessed with race


now this was off the back of our friend um what's her name again one from agile that's it from Bridgeton uh talking


about it being so white on the balcony he came out and was like well sorry sorry can I just say she just made a


factual observation factual observation because it was it was it was the wording


yeah like her saying it it was terribly white yeah okay fine but my point is


about quasi and him saying that black people are obsessed with race no breath you need to be obsessed with race


because you don't know what you are you're struggling so you need to go off the cliff into the water hopefully it


will save you and you can come out of the water as a black man because right now I don't know what you are and who


you're talking to but you need to stop it so yeah he is my enemy of progress because shut your mouth


can't stand him you know the fact that his name's he's letting people say that his name is quasi he's also an enemy of


progressive every single time but to say that black people are obsessed with race


like we came up with this constructive right it's so disgusting


I swear if I saw him you know he needs like one hot slap no he needs a two hands oh yeah


so was him


so she was probably doing yeah oh the thing is yeah the way that like white


supremacy like kind of governs every part of our beings and our existence for


many many many many hundreds of years now who's obsessed bro are you guys not upstairs


that's why it's just foolish to even say it it's like it's the height of lunacy


why does he need to say it because he's always yeah why is it always you why can't you


just sit down and Shop it's so embarrassing he said that you know black people are


obsessed and they must be because he speaks for all black people no you don't rob you don't speak for me like I said


go off the cliff hopefully in the water it will save you and you can come out a black person


life um just a quick enemy of progress is


Tory Lanez crying in court saying please don't ruin my life I could see your son I could be your brother


I just like that the judge was like shut up dismissed it dismissed it was like


bro but you know what yeah I saw that and I just thought but this is this is what these types of guys play


on yeah you know I mean all the time it's enough it's actually enough people need to wise up man seriously I could be


your son and but he said please don't ruin my life when you was out there shooting guards right saying dance [ __ ]


dance let's not forget that he said that to her you know what I mean like he was in Harlem Nights but yeah no religion


man's been found guilty found guilty now he can't say that it's okay we can we


can say he did it I mean


I think he's gonna be out he's not going to get 20 years yeah


hi ladies what have you heard in these culture and new streets he wants to go first


I could go first um so my story is something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago yeah was that I


don't know in the UK I just don't know what's wrong with our people but anyway um we had two influencers the artists


um go to battle in the ring uh paigey cakey I keep calling her pagey cakes I


don't know why she um decided to battle box and smoke in a


battle box Tennessee who came up with it Tennessee fresh is that her name oh okay who


instigated it because they were having like a battle online so yeah they were they they had um uh they were on a


podcast and they um had a back and forth because apparently


um paigey paigey cakes moved fiance fiancee was trying to move to her when


paigey Katie was out of the room and they were just like no I would never you're not my type this that the other


kind of thing it just was very silly it just seemed very silly anyway so


now they she done some sort of diss track and now they're boxing I just don't know how it escalated to that


point do you know what I mean so now they're boxing and it's just like the Box the the match took place yesterday


um pagey cakey one which was yeah it it's I don't know you were surprised by


that I was surprised I was surprised why wasn't you surprised


I wasn't surprised because if you look at them and I know this is all like basic on all on looks and that's it yeah


but if you look at them yeah paigey cakes looks like she will beat Tennessee Tennessee looks like she's yeah


I don't know anything about these girls other than the kind of stuff that you said yeah in Tennessee I feel like I've


only really known about her in recent times because she's like an influencer right yeah yeah that's why I know her


right I thought she was going to go down the the kind of like Beauty influencer


root but you're doing it I don't know why you not had to take it


to the ring it just seems mad that you actually went then I mean it might have been must have been money involved yeah yeah yeah right yeah then maybe that's


why they did it and maybe like the hype was just for them to because boxing seems to be quite a big thing now yeah and it like all these influences are now


doing it Like Love and Hip-Hop people yeah so maybe this is like a new way to make money but on face value when I


looked at pagey cakes and I looked at Tennessee I thought Tennessee you're going to get your ass whipped because Pages look like she could beat you up


yeah I thought they were evil and evenly matched in terms of failure and then when I saw the training video I thought


oh maybe Tennessee's got a chance definitely do you know what I mean but like I just don't know why either of them would do this in the first place so


I guess that was my thing like I just don't like why is this happening are we gonna see more of this if we're gonna


see more of these types of fights they're not the ones I want to see a fight


I only see Miss are fabulous I mean she was fighting for freedom


so people are saying those two yeah they want them in a ring I could see our


fabulous absolutely doing it I don't know if Lonnie good because I don't think she would yes yeah yeah um going


back to your question pagey cakes key said that Tennessee was the one that put


forward the proposal for the boxer so yeah and in the internet streets


everybody's saying that actually they think that Tennessee kind of won because it was all on point she came out and


said that she was robbed there was a bear comments saying that she got robbed where was that I don't know where was it


able to be viewed like um yeah because KSI was on the bill


one day yeah and deji won this fight so you know you want to get sworn


swamp everybody and then he went and fought for someone else he did two fights in one day


because he was like you can't chat to me anybody he did two fights that's how that's how he was that he was gonna be


is this what's happened to me yes it's a big thing that's why I said I think like this is the new thing that we're seeing


like it's a whole different form of entertainment yeah maybe we're gonna go fight mum's up front that's what I was gonna say would you


fight anyone if someone was just like okay I'm gonna give you 30 bags no 50 bags to go in the ring


how much so much are you gonna fight anyone a hundred grand and I'll fight


somebody you know what she'll do she'll get in the ring and be ah fall to the ground




yeah no I would do it I think I would do it I would yeah I would no way I'm not


doing it I'm not doing it brain damage all it takes is one box you know no but


you're fighting against somebody that's like you that's trained a little bit yeah but what if you don't know their level of training though they could be


getting Tyson to train them you don't know what they're doing are you serious you want to go in the ring I'm not going in the ring no no I'm not doing it I'm


not no week no absolutely let's go you don't have that hair if you want to


see this like other Potters yeah


as I said no I don't know


I'll just be on the sidelines in the corner yeah but you know what I look like you do it so well I'll rub your


shoulders yeah exactly let's do all that [ __ ] you know when he's on the interview did you


see when they've done the interview and they made each other okay they've done this interview and it was just like oh would you guys shake hands yeah I'll


shake her head I was just thinking you're supposed to be enemies like I would definitely give like pantomime a


show like I'll be all in the face I might even do a little rocking the


tablet hold me back hold me back


it's all over my head and all the nonsense to me


but if it's a new form of entertainment yeah it is someone's gonna get their ass kicked though seriously yeah on a


different type of level what have you heard okay so I have heard about Brian


McKnight he's being heavily criticized at this moment for neglecting his older black


children and in being in favor of his lighter step children and so there's


been a whole melee of what he's done how he's neglected his family he's come back


out and been like you don't know and I don't care what you guys think and no I am not talking to


them anymore and then he's further doubled down and said I have taken them out of my will like they are not even in


it and my stepchildren are in the wheel what's so people what's their children and children though he's got this yeah


and he's got a biological child yeah yeah all of them they're in his will and


he says they are his family and he has never known love before he met his new wife okay what's the backstory with the


original woman like what's the backstory his wife the parents from the first yeah his wife has also come out now she has


and she is literally like he just made our lives hell like he was a horrible


husband he's a horrible man horrible father and thank you guys for I know


that's the bit that I saw I saw I didn't see her actually commenting on the situation she's done interviews before


and it's literally this is the thing I'm talking about a horrible man from when he went after you know he had a child on


her okay so he had an outside marriage child how many kids he's got with the


original wife two okay and then he had another daughter with another woman and his first wife actually took her in I


was just gonna ask does he claim that one you are a part he doesn't speak to any of those kids he doesn't even claim


the one that he had outside of his wife that's the one wife includes that one where he alleged that she was having an


affair with somebody that was in the family and then she sued him and he paid her out


yes that's his story okay all right so his original wife two kids how old are


those two kids their sons I think they're like 30 and 14. as well as a side side daughter yeah


also he denies all of that all of them now the [ __ ] up thing isn't this the case like he's got a son called Brian


McKnight Junior and then he had a new new son and he called him Brian McKnight yeah are you [ __ ] Matt yeah he's


taking the piss he said I'm starting again yeah wipe that out I don't like this I'm starting again yeah it's


basically what he's done what are what


is that doesn't matter what he said is that the first time it came out that he was estranged from them


he said that they're lazy in their bums and all they want is his money


now don't get me wrong listen so I'm a bit conflict no no I tell her like I'm not conflicted because he's an idiot I'm


not conflicted at all it's one thing to say that your children are too expected like they want things


from you all the time you know they're always they're lazy they're not doing nothing they don't appreciate what I've done for them they just want me to give


them money they don't have any ambition that's one thing to actually lock off your kids and make out like you don't


have them when people ask you how many children you have to not talk about your


children to say that I don't claim them that's something totally different it is wild to me you can say I don't have a


relationship with them you don't need to just completely erase them from your life that is insane it's it's Insanity


at its core what type of Father are you proving to your new children what are you showing them


if you can just lock off your original your firstborns that is crazy to me you


had a kid and you named him Brian McKnight Junior you had a next kid with your new family and you named him Brian


McKnight Junior what is wrong with you um I'm I honestly don't think that


Grandma like is I I just don't understand how easy we got here like you must catch yourself so


much to think that this this this is cool that you should even come on on social media and do these things because


it's unprovoked do you know what I mean like no one asks him to put the other names in um do you know I mean in his


bio no arts in that no one asked him to come out and say anything like do you know what I mean like you could have been dealing with your things in private


you you brought it public you know what I mean so what the [ __ ] I just no I can't I'm not


yeah like I'm not in favor of people like this at all like you know I mean like how is is cruel it's actually


really cruel and very very damaging to the psyche of the children do you know what I mean like and like I don't know


what kind of woman you are the second person to knowing that you're you're


you're you're your new husband has a has a child called Brian Jr and you're okay


with naming your child brand you are you all right like seriously that's not true something wrong with you man so what


type of woman are you because I always look at this as well yeah I'm never going to be with no man that doesn't chat to his use it's not happening yeah


even if you have a fragile relationship with them but you need to make yeah you


need to make an effort yeah because they're the children you can't just be rolling around not claiming your youths


and saying oh I've only got two no I mean you've got x amount if there's a level of but he's doing well


by my family that I think a lot of women are just okay with because he's taking on her kids he's buying them cars paying


for their college and you're just like but he's looking after my kids so it's


it's crazy but he has triggered a lot of people by this new family being I think


they're Filipino but they're very light and it's just that thing of like okay so you've just neglected your black kids


very similar to 50 Cent and then you get this new lighter one and you're like


this is the skies and the moon and I'm totally in love with them I think that's


why there's so much venom towards him I think yeah I think that's part of it to be honest yeah do you know what I


mean like you can't ignore that that you're just you don't like the a actual


reflection of you that you actually created like do you know me and like I just don't think I know Brian I mean


he's got any any time he's got a couple cheese in the industry but like I don't but




like I'm saying like for me like a legend is too much like do you know me


you're all right I can't you know what you're saying you're not Accolade because for me I'm not a big Brian


McKnight fan it's always confused me by this Obsession that some people have I get it if that's your thing yeah he does


he absolutely does but for me I've always been a bit like really apparently okay okay I think well how he lands for


people is that especially in America he's a very big Staple in r b and sold


for especially black Americans that's what I mean that legendary status is not Legend like talking like the greats the


greats that we all know it's that kind of not Hood Legend whatever the next level up is but that kind of yeah Brian


McKnight is a staple so maybe this word is staple than Legends but he has got that thing where his moves are shocking


to people yeah yeah I think he was definitely held in high esteem and then once the first lot of news came out


about his sons when he first became estranged from them that's when it was a bit like oh so you know you're not like


a lover type of man like you're actually like yeah


conflict because yeah and it's an it is about that thing you get taken up by celebrity and you fall into the Trap of


you're singing These wonderful love songs about romance and because he's a black man and you've been absolutely propelled to success by your black


community who are all shades yeah now you're literally stepping outside to this the black family for another


version and you're doing shitty Behavior it's just a conflict of now listening to his music how can you comfortably


because music is so important to our psyche to our moods to moments in life memories and now this guy is ruined that


it's like oh Kelly you're not the same thing about that thing of having iconic separate the music from the person


trying to separate it's really difficult and we also said that all of those songs that people love he didn't even know


what love was yeah


that's the part as well because let's think about it he's saying he's never known love like this before yeah but


your whole back catalog is about love and being in love and all this stuff there's people that have made babies the


brideman Knight songs


like you know what I mean like and the thing is that's just to get out of his ex-wife yes just to get out there do you


know what I mean it's just so how how cruel some men actually can be and like actually when they have some anyway let


me stop talking the bit I did see with her is when um the ex-wife is she came online and she


was just like very Zen and she was just like I'm fine yeah we're all fine we're good yeah thank you for your words thank


you for your we hear you we see you we feel you she did a whole like it was about five minutes of her saying stuff


like that that's what I did see so I haven't seen any of the other backlash but Brian


I really wish yeah on some you know because obviously he's he's still


getting money every time his songs are played and he probably is going to get a spike now do you know what I mean yeah like but I wish you could press a button


on Spotify and just say anything by this artist ever I don't want to hear it


they really just like put a person absolutely yeah


I would love that in playlist anything nothing like I just definitely written they've project nothing they're going to


do this next year they're gonna do this you copyright yeah


I know they're gonna do this yeah yeah I mean well speaking about men and


they're not being self-aware of their shitty behavior um what I heard is a someone on Twitter


called N I don't even care you said that women should be more direct when rejecting men instead of making excuses


now as you can imagine yeah yeah yeah yeah guys should we you know just be more


direct and that of course inspired a whole thread of responses some of them


go as long as I did this once in my 20s and he threatened to kill me after raping me we also did this when I was 15


years old and the man definitely in his 20s chased me saying he will rape me I hid behind a bin and waited for him to


leave okay well we can go into some of those things but that those are the kind of dramatic


responses not even dramatic as in Sensational but these are the things that women have experienced I wanted to


know if you guys have had to lie because you felt in fearful of the person's response or do you have you generally


had to kind of be really wary and let someone down gently because you're because they were being a bit too


full-on I don't think there is a woman alive anywhere that hasn't had that kind


of cat calling and has thought what's my response gonna be yeah and has tailored


it down yeah it's this whole myth that it's like all you've got to do is like stand firm you stand firm and you're


going to get knocked out not see your face like it's it's not that to even suggest it is just ludicrous in itself


but absolutely you always you go through the oh no I've got a boyfriend what's


your boyfriend got to do with me you try and do all of the subtle ways to giving over a number to giving your real number


because then they can call you right in front of you we've done it all yeah I couldn't agree more it's just


it's you know what it is that's male privilege right there isn't it like just tell them you're not interested okay


then because nothing's gonna happen and it's mad it's like so instinctive as a woman like you have this it's almost


like a nanosecond in your brain you think about what you're going to say and how's it going to be taken from this


other person and it could just be simple like I've got a boyfriend and then who where all this stuff and then it's like


just give me your number or I'll take you on it just it's not ever okay fine thanks you have to think about


where it's going to escalate and some people will escalate to violence that has happened before and then it's like


you think you're too nice yeah they start insulting you then they start saying you're not nice anyway and then


they start telling you about your sexual orientation you must be the another way if you don't like them


so this is this all comes from me just telling you no bruv I'm not interested and I you could say it so politely no


I'm okay thank you very much thank you for the compliment and it's still a problem because you have to kind of police yourself if you're not in a good


mood I might not want to talk to you today or anybody so if my response is a bit abrupt then you now say oh black


women does this and especially that but it's not even just black women it's like no women saying that yeah in that space being a black woman like oh you black


women are so negative you're so harsh you're so rude and it might be like I actually don't want to talk to anyone and you could have been anybody and I


might have given you a harsh response but now I have to think about let me be calm and be nice because you don't judge


me and say something back someone um approached like just said hello to me the other day and they held my hand and


I know they thought they were being nice which is okay but in that moment I'm like again you feel like it's okay to


hold my hand and maybe communicate your intent but you're


not saying anything and I'm just like I have to now be like okay and nicely Retreat without offending you and I kind


of might want to just give myself back it gets old why are you touching me well why are you touching it yeah I mean I


would physically record this yeah I had a situation the other day and I


can't go into it too much but I had a situation the other day and this person who it was completely inappropriate in


an inappropriate like circumstance very close to home yeah and it's like you


actually are using your power to now put me in a position where I must engage with you yeah it's like actually I don't


want to engage with you but this whole thing went through my head of well I'm gonna have to engage with this person in some way even if it's on like an arms


length just to do just to make it through this situation this scenario but they don't think like that it's well I'm


just asking you in it for your number or whatever it is but it's like but if I don't you see that this is


inappropriate like it's so it's so weird yeah I definitely I think when I was


younger I was definitely more um um quick at um weighing up a situation


whether I could take it like be myself or not because you know what I mean like I've always been flowery do you know


what I mean so it's just like if it's so bad actually I can't even say that but if a guy looks a certain way


I'm just going to tell you about yourself yeah move for me do you know what I mean because that's how I feel but like yeah


but it did like but sometimes we would go out and you know what I mean like you caught like they're physically blocking


your way yeah yes how are you supposed to get out of that do you know what I mean like it's the


toilet men yeah that's what we used to call them toilet men and they'll just be binders that's like because you know there's just an endless supply of women


yeah and then you're there trying to trust people it's like that is the creepiest place I


when people like there's absolutely no because why


don't guys heterosexual guys do that to actually such a guys yeah because then we just like oh I'm just like no you


don't need to help me in any sort of way yeah yeah it's ridiculous it's absolutely


ridiculous but nowadays I think like I've learned to create an atmosphere so


you don't continue this conversation I'm good we're gonna sit in silence you know


what I mean I'm just gonna like make it awkward because if you want to evade my space and invade my do you know what I


mean and it's just other than being like I can be polite at the beginning but if it's like I can see where this is going


and it's not do you know what I mean like where it I want it to go then nah it's going to be awkward then what are


you gonna do following along with men who are unaware not no what do you think chip the artist


recently tweeted I wish every woman on planet Earth knew how naturally beautiful they was they were all these


nose jobs lips jobs cheeks jobs it's actually sadness wish I could share my


confidence with anyone who needs it you really got to believe in yourself why are you doing the voiceover that's how


he feels like writing so before then you said slow down and


take down take down voice but I'm just saying because that's the


well it's communicators he's really sad he said I'm really sad about this I wish I could share my confidence with anyone


who needs it do you welcome this um thoughtful I think he means well yeah I


think he actually genuinely means well but I think like as you said before it's just male privilege isn't it do you know


what I mean like this is steeped in do you know what I mean like if you could just only because there aren't forces in


every aspect of society pressuring us every single freaking minute of the day to look a certain way to be a certain


way to carry yourself to suppress to do every single moment like do you know what I mean because it just if I had


your confidence then I could just break through and be fine someone said somebody along blood what you said


retired Rover on umara said I'm so glad he said this I bet all the women booked


in for surgery or considering surgery have duly changed their minds eternally grateful to Chip and his confidence Between Women advice on their


bodies chip needs to shut up


if he had look at the women in his his last video yeah every single one of them


I swear there was free with bbls they were all very pretty all aesthetically


pleasing to this time of life he weren't going about on road picking anybody and being like you know what you you you're


so confident you can come in and be in my video shoot nobody had any acne nobody was had alopecia like don't try


it just chatting [ __ ] for chat so wait he should only have the criteria of confidence if you have confidence then


you can be in the video yeah see I'm conflicted because because


you know we want people to say they don't like bbos and all that stuff and


they want a more we want we cuss them when that's when they say I love it and then when when they're saying be natural


Queen we hate it that's where I'm conflicted right that's where I'm conflicted I understand right


so I understand that shut your [ __ ] mouth finish it because who are you to tell any woman


what they can do with their body leave them alone it's our choice I'll do what I want so I understand that part but


then I also understand you're not you're not practicing What You Preach if the people that are in your video have all


of these things that you've now said that you don't like it's like when men say oh I don't like women that wear makeup really okay then


it's I just think it's like it's it's an area that you feel comfortable talking


about because it doesn't directly affect you and you don't have all the things that Charley said you don't have those


those restraints on you you don't have the eye on you in the same way that a woman has that the eyes on them of the


social you know this in this social world that we're living in where the social media and how you're supposed to look and all that [ __ ] so it's easy for


him to sit on his keyboard or his phone or whatever the [ __ ] it was and make these statements because maybe that they that's how he was feeling you know on


that moment and I think it is follow through inconsistency but I don't hate him for it but I just think it's it's exactly that


a lot of these guys are having opinions have opinions on women have a specific aesthetic type and style of woman that


they will only adhere to and date and create procreate with any other woman will not fit that mold and so then what


what are you saying because I think before we had a conversation about it was Chip again about his videos of not being very reflective of skin tone yeah


and then I think that his name video had skin like darker skinned girls in it and it was a thing like be consistent


yeah and then he got he got gunned for it and then yeah because like performance it's that performative


behavior like oh God I don't want to get um backlash so let me now sprinkle my video with all types of women but does


that even reflect into your dating personal life because people are still looking to you well some people but dating personal life I think is


different no I think it's all about I think I think it's all about the whole thing I think it's you guys can preach and say things but


if it's not reflective at home and I stand by if you're talking about black lives matter and black empowerment black fam then your partner should be black


it's all of those kind of consistencies that these people in the public eye these guys especially talk about one way


and that's not what you've got at home as well as and you seek out specifically a certain type of woman then you're


telling everybody else to be okay with that do you know what I mean I think it's confident be confident that's it


but if I was confident and it was maybe slightly overweight or maybe had a disability or if it's my skin tone would


you still date me chip


would you see I I'm I don't necessarily feel like


if you date someone who is lighter than you that means that you're not about


black people I don't necessarily I don't I don't feel that that's definitely not what I'm saying or you know or if


someone isn't I don't know I just don't like getting into that just you can be you can be all about Black without


separating us into tones can't you yeah yeah it really depends your total preference all the time


and that is reflected in everybody around you as well Houston we have a problem


and there's no way of getting around it when that's the acceptable tone and it's reflected yeah no I hear that but it was


the point about you have to date like that as well because I think you can say I said that


are talking about going into the space of black empowerment and stuff like that it wasn't even necessarily about skin tone


in that respect it's like if you're dating a white person but your whole thing is the black family the black


community raising black children but that's not what's reflected at home it's the conflict it doesn't ring necessarily


true and we can talk about all the things like when you met them blah blah blah there are things like that and it's not saying that you can't be for black


people either but there's a diff there's a certain thing about putting your words out there and it's not being reflected


in your world that's it that's how wherever the conflict comes from it's that becomes start to become a hypocrisy


if Chip is talking about by removing bbls and


um fillers and all that type of stuff but his misses or his girlfriend or whoever kind of has that aesthetic that


people are aspiring to that then starts to become and if it's consistent it's definitely dates all different type of women and then somehow he's landed on


someone that happens to look like the aesthetic but if that's been his consistent thing then he's telling everybody else not to have not to Aspire


to that he is slightly part of the problem if he's consistently going for that type of look that all these women


that he's telling to ditch that look or aspirations for that look for is hypocritical I I yeah I I hear what


you're saying in terms of um that aesthetic I do think though that


everybody in the music industry is part of the problem yes do you know what I mean like and I but I do think like I'm


just not on that old natural is best either like do you know me like I I think like do what you want to do do you


know what I mean that kind of thing and just make informed decisions and um you have to do what feels comfortable for


you um yeah that's that's just my thing because it's like I think chip is in a


bubble like he probably comes across more bbos than we do in our daily lives


do you know what I mean so he is just like maybe he's bored of what he's got around him do you know what I mean


because if you just go to any normal day on any area you're gonna see a freaking


variety you're gonna see more natural than anything else do you know what I mean that this I think this perpetuate


perpetuating this idea that most or like this is the norm bbls and filler and all


this kind of thing is not the norm do you know what I mean it's what's popular on social media that's what that's what


the algorithms that's what people maybe they aspire to you or


attitudes are changing in terms of what's acceptable but it is not the norm


it isn't hmm I don't know


I I think I think that it's turning into a norm


much faster than we give it credit I would love the data on this because I'm just thinking of just my mum's High


Street in Kilburn and I have never seen so many beauty stores in my life living


there but there are so many people offering eyelashes to lip fillers to Botox I


think last time I was there I counted seven different clinics that's crazy and these are normal people


of all Hues going in there I've I've not noticed so many black women as well and I can spot it now with lip fillers it's


so yeah it is becoming normal which wasn't what it was before so I kind of get it to a degree to say


but people are doing it I think it's fine to say you know do what you want to do but when you go into the why of why


they're doing it there's usually a man at the end of it and so you know it's


um no no it's not that because it's just


like there's there's a lot yes yes yes that


is very very true it's very true [Laughter]


for most people because they control everything because we live in a patriarchy yes


um we are ebony K as well who is talking about a different type of situation uh maybe nikay


Williams is a presenter she's got a show on the griot and she was speaking with um Auntie Ian Lavan Sant about life and


being a woman and dating and the animal asked her if she would date a bus driver


and everybody said if he owns it um and on the back of her saying if he


owns it the internet went mad um and it kind of expanded her point to


be that a disrespect of working class black men a disrespect on bus drivers a


disrespect on men gold digging behavior and you know exactly


I know she's got a backlash it was that was all the thousand all the things that were heaped back on her and she kind of


she counted and doubled down and said I did not say that basically she got into it with ndj Envy on The Breakfast Club


she had another follow-up point on her own show saying look and that's not what I said if you got that from that then


that's on you but what I was trying to speak to is the acceptance of mediocrity in the black community that we need to


elevate our game we need to step up and it's because of the oppressive what the impressive white supremacy or white


patriarchy or what sorry what the oppressive white supremacy system has on black people is that it's acceptable to


be mediocre and accept the Baseline the really common denominator jobs


um rather than aspiring to do more and be better and be more successful there's a lot of that stuff that's kind of what


she was trying to say in that nutshell but she definitely didn't disrespect well her words weren't to disrespect the


black community and working class but what did she say because it's one like okay so she's come out after and said


this is what I meant right but what did she say that she wouldn't date a bus driver yeah so then she didn't expand on


that she didn't then say the rest of the statement that you've just said no she was just clarifying after people were


like yeah that's out of order to say uh so she was saying could it be that Black America has been sold a narrative that


average is good enough um the bigotry of low expectations you called it


I can't lie like I I do know what a big deal was to be honest I really was just


like okay and it's like what's what's the problem like I'm not a fan of like she's not my auntie


um yeah yeah I'm not a fan of her anyway um do you know what I mean like I think


she's quite brutal um yeah and very very like I think she


sent his men personally and I'm just not with that um I I just thought like if that's


Ebony's preference then that's her preference do you know what I mean but she didn't speak about it like that if I


was asked that question I would handle it like that that's my preference I don't want to do you know what I mean


I'm not aspiring to be um working class


I'm not I am well I was I guess technically would you would you what's


the clarifies now if you've been to University and over a certain amount then you become middle class then you


become middle class I think okay or lower middle class or whatever kind of thing but like I don't think


um because I think like underlining I know that that's a difficult thing for some people to hear and I'm not saying I


don't like working class people is not that do you know what I mean because that's where I've come from do you know what I mean and I've come from very very


poor lives but I'm I'm planning my life not to go back there do you know what I mean because for me money is access and


and that's what you need in order to kind of like survive for generations to


come and that's what I think like I don't want us to rest on and ask us in black people to rest on our Laurels and


think that we're okay at this space no no no the rug can be pulled out any moment and maybe it's like irrational


but that is like a fear and like so I'm always trying to progress for better so


yeah I just think yes I wouldn't I wouldn't see that as like something that I want to do


there are so many points from that


clarifying statement that she put out that I think I fundamentally disagree with so I think a fundamental that is


pushed a lot with black Americans um not even black Americans black people


capitalists is that money is going to get us out of being oppressed


and I don't think there is any evidence to suggest that wealth stops racism and


so being like black people we need to just pull up pull up our bootstraps like go out there get the money and that's a


symbol of some type of progression actually isn't a factual and I think it's very damaging that we have this


struggle for wealth like this is an obtain it's like something that we should all be striving to there should


be diversity and you should be able to be a bus driver and it not be considered that that is a mediocre job because we


need bus drivers yeah I think it's that where I'm like um no I think there's there's a problem


with her sentiment and I get the backlash but it's not just her there's a


problem with capitalism being like this is what we need to wholesale adopt to


kind of elevate ourselves no there's a problem with racism and capitalism it is


a part of the structure and US involving ourselves in it more isn't necessarily


the answer if that makes sense you go first I'm gonna agree I thought


there's an I was thinking similarly to if you want


to be a bus driver if you want to be a cleaner if you want to be a custodian uh


whatever A working class considered a working class job it shouldn't come with the burden that you're letting your community down or


that you're not striving to be better but again it's down to the individual I think


everywhere there should be aspirational aspirational thought process into how you're raised how you're taught it


shouldn't be that you know where a lot of black people experience being in school and being told you're not going to amount to nothing or this is the job


for you as a black person bus driver custodian and the working class lower class jobs those are their position as


lower class and working class jobs Blue Collar jobs for a better word um that shouldn't be the be or lend or


every child should be raised to think sky is the limit but also have a reality check that this what are you good at


where are you going to perform because I think there's also the The X Factor Fame Academy pop Idol kind of thing where


everyone can be successful everyone can be rich everyone can do it we can all be at the top there isn't room or well in


the current structure that we're in there isn't room for everyone to be super famous super millionaires super


celebrities or super successful and build that type of wealth in this type of way and we do need a hierarchy of


people of workers for this country for this world to operate in the way that it operates at the moment


um if the system changes yeah maybe we could look at different way so I get what she's saying in regards to


yes Society does keep black people oppressed and keep us looking downwards


rather than upwards because it doesn't suit them for us to empower ourselves and strive for better and be more successful in as a community definitely


understand that but it's just finding the balance of The Narrative of what how that is put out there and also there's


something about I think I can't remember which one of you said it that if she wants to not date a bus driver


and she only wants to date the man that owns it okay it's our choice that's okay yeah because you can say what she want


she will when guys are concussing women for being gold diggers or whatever what are the women who are the women that


you're looking at if you're looking at a woman that's on one looking for a man for six figures don't look at her look


at someone else I'm scared of the girls that are spraying the bottles or buying their own bottles what is it girls scared of the


girl spraying the bottles and buying their own bottles look for the girl that wants to get a drink from you that's it find your balance Find Your Love


your level thoughts um I think it depends on where you are in


your life right so her saying what she said that's because where she is in her


life that doesn't match what she wants understands that she wants somewhere she's going for some people that's not a


problem so I think that's where the clarity is a bit murky for me because that's not to


say that that those jobs are not good jobs they're great jobs if that's what you want to do and they can also provide


for you and your family yeah they're capable more than capable of doing that I know people that have been bus drivers I know people that are train drivers and


they are more than capable of providing for their family well yeah so I do think


it depends on where you are and what your status is maybe she can't see someone driving a bus


fitting into her world and she's entitled to say that that doesn't mean that that person won't fit into someone


else's I think that's where I am yeah and just as a counter before we move on to your um story on Safara someone on


Twitter said Mr fantastic824 said no black man is mad about ebony K Williams being unwilling to date a bus driver


black men are mad that she blatantly disrespected working-class black men when she's been


sucking and [ __ ] white men keep your mouth over there for criticism like you do for pleasure oh wow


women are praising and applauding so I didn't actually I hadn't read that through so I had to follow through


um the fact that black women are praising and applauding her for her statistical lies black women buying 20 of houses in the highest housing market


ever and facts without context more black women in college than black men when more women of all Races attend


college more than men this is just another clear example of black missandry be encouraged and black men being gaslit


and trolled for calling out the [ __ ] well I mean when you're gonna frame it like that bro I'm not listening to you


yeah the rest of that statement because I'm just like whatever man and that's not anyway that's not my point anyway do


you know me regardless of it's not even I just say oh God yeah that was horrible


that yeah I didn't even I wasn't even prepared for that kind of level of


nastiness yeah moving on from him so I would like to talk about boohoo man now


boohoo have been on stuff of late but their latest thing they decided to


release a line of balaclavas balaclavas and then in the style notes


it said calling all bad boys remain a mystery latest Trend in the latest Trend


at balaclava we've got a colorful selection so you can work the streetwear without looking too dangerous that was


the notes they had on the balaclava and the models of the back over you say who


are they all black men yes interesting so obviously people took to Twitter and


Instagram and socials and just kind of went crazy on boohoo and then boohoo removed it you know even though they've


now got the press and everyone's gone to them which is probably why they did it in the first place yeah but um so


I I don't even have a question at all I just kind of want to say want to speak


about them appropriating this this kind of um capitalizing of this gang culture and


reinforcing reinforcing negative stereotypes they did something recently the other day as well for Eid they had


like I'm sure it was boohoo yeah they brought out um a line of of Eid or might


have been a pretty little thing I feel like it was pretty little it might have been pretty but they're all in the same they're all in the same um


family anyway because my with a pretty little thing they brought a range of


clothing for Eid and it was like a whole bunch of inappropriate see-through dresses short things that they're saying


are for women oh it's Eid come on wear this so they're just capitalizing off of whatever the [ __ ] is out there at the


time the the capitalizing off of Black Culture they're capitalizing off of Asian Cults the capital of capitalizing


but not doing it with any thought or any like what can we do to stop these people when their clothes cost like five pence


is there anything that we can actually do ideal it was would be so ideal if you


did from them we block them out we you know turned to our I don't know we just need to ignore them and not as mad as


that chicken and egg thing call them out to shut them down ignore them so they don't get the attention it's always that


back and forth of what's the best thing to do and it's just generally all these Brands really it was so annoying when


you see them trying to chip in on the culture whether it's like accounts like speaking in slang yeah and saying you're


saying yes girl and things like that just to try and move a community to buy their stuff and


act like they're down was it when the verses were on and what some of your friends were in the comments like yeah it's just so fake but we have an open


gate to our culture and I know it's kind of impossible to close off a culture but I think there's a bit too much freeness


with our culture and not to say that um balaclava and gang culture is ours but


there's just a bit too much freeness and there is I don't know we don't have enough policing of our culture in a way


that is effective who's to blame I don't know because also


the black models I'm in there with the black models yeah yeah come on but then


even even to me I think if my son was like oh I'm gonna mum I've got a job what are you modeling son he might not


have known but then also I'd hope I've raised a child that would be like no this doesn't sound does it look too good


for me so I'm not going to do this job I'd hope that I don't have I'd have a child that's that kind of independent


thinking that even when they got there and saw this doesn't this looks dodgy to me they'd leave or even now that they're


protesting that they are like okay I didn't know that I was going to do something super


stereotypical but I didn't know that another black man was also going to be in the balaclava as well and like you


know you may just thought this was in my run of clothing but so was Stuart going to do the same like you you know no


you're right because they only use black models so you know well to be fair sometimes you don't even


know because they could have shot a variety or different models that's exactly yeah I'm like it's for


now the models to be like no this isn't okay because now you've kind of got us in our lineup yeah like that's in Bella


Claus I don't even know like I don't know what my role is today it's


some plants no there's some cute radicals you know when we were doing


it and it's all the stereotypes people


people in the culture they do wear Bella covers I do think it should have been a variety they should know better that's


what I'm saying it's the style notes


[Music] yeah you can do that if you want yeah but it says calling all bad boys remain


a mystery in the latest Trend a balaclava we've got a colorful selection so you can work the street wear without


looking too dangerous yet but you are looking dangerous and


now you stand out you're gonna get maybe if you wear a pink one it's okay


but they're awesome there are no pink ones I think it's back in the day we me and my friend I had a mask I


definitely had a mask I bought a mask and maybe I would have been susceptible to the marketing like yes you two can


look like bald head Thug group hip-hop group Onyx and wear a mask we did and we walked around thinking we were gangster


girls gangster [ __ ] so there's that it's effective but there's also something underlying we know what it's


appealing to and why they're doing it you can't pretend it's a mess I was just thinking you're selling balaclavas for


one set of people and then you've got other guys wearing bonnets yeah you've culture is crazy but it's


out of order did you hear about the Essex town that has banned um hoodies


[Laughter] [Music]


oh yeah and then it was her and like one what I found quite interesting it was like a white lady from Essex talking


about no we don't want hoodies in our area anymore and then there was like a


white guy and he was like you're talking nonsense like it's an item of clothing why are you telling me not to wear hoodie and he says anyway I don't want


to come to your part of vertex anyway who wants to live there it was like I can't remember where it was but wherever Richard madeley is from because Richard


madeley was like calm down I'm from there [Laughter]


what if I came out there I mean hoodie's alive and whatever


whatever they are actually put my quite a lot I love it it's what I can't really can't


go into your town can they do that though I think that's part of the argument right yeah I don't know I think he's


taking it down please yeah I don't want no old bitty like pulling down my hoodies


and then I've got the right to hit you I'm standing around Rumford town it's


Romford Romford town band hoodies in until anti-social Behavior Crackdown


anyone who visits Romford will be banned from wearing hoodies as part of the plan to tackle anti-social Behavior


Romford can be full of Romans I mean that no you can't say that no we can't


it can be full of wrongness but I understand why they don't know what they want about him


that doesn't make any sense


[Music] Auntie's no best


we're working in collaboration with Agony Arts to solve all your dilemmas quick disclaimer we're not professional


experts or qualified therapists so please please no


no no no no no no no no no no no


we're working in collaboration with what I can answer solve all your dilemmas quick


personal experts or qualified therapists so please these are just our opinions also guys some of these have been edited


down for time and clarity um here we go guys dear aunties I have


been secretly sleeping with my younger brother's best friend for four months he's five years younger than me I never


saw him as anything other than my little brother's best friend until four months ago I don't know what had happened but


it's like a switch went off this boy is final he is more put together than any men my age which is such a shame us 30


plus women are in the ghetto anyhow I'm ashamed to say I'm slightly catching or caught feelings when I say this man


knows how to put it down the wickedest knows how to put down the wickedest D is


actually astonishing hands down the best I've ever had if my younger brother found out he would lose it however


things are actually getting serious he's talking about making it official and moving in with me or with each other I'm


not sure how to go about this entire situation Laura 30 years old they've been seeing each other for a few


months but I think and now they want to live together for months yes


yeah slow down bro it's okay both of you


relax I mean I can see the benefits from his side yeah yeah probably got her own yard he should be


like yes you probably live at home with your mum you're putting down some good d uh what's that called that's what's that


thing that phrase that they call the ones that [ __ ] just need a couch uh I'm homosexual homosexual what yeah


hobo set I've never heard of that no no yeah homosexuals yeah that is giving


that Dusty it's definitely giving homosexual yeah


but her brother's best friend that's nasty honestly you it's exciting and and nice


because it's a secret yes


that's friendship going to work Laura I think you're trying to convince the aunties to be on your side when he said he's being serious he wants to take it


official he's 25 man official he wants a place to stay and probably cooked meals


yeah my team she's probably buying him [ __ ]


okay I just want to bring it


20 what are we in the 20 21st century


that's your little brother allow it I see I think you need to talk to your


brother you've already done you've already done too much you've already done too much because because if the guy


now tells your brother that's your brother it should not come from him it needs to come from you you need to bring


it above board and live in a in a space of Truth do you know what I mean and then see what your relationship if there


is a relationship outside of sex what what it is do you know what I mean thank


you Laura so yeah I agree yeah three weeks ago I went to black sex and kink


party I had an absolute blast I had a lot of fun with this one particular girl who my ad was absolutely stunning so


[ __ ] sexy she was Unreal was a lot after the fun we had we exchanged numbers anyways fast forward one of my


close male friends is having a housewarming at his new house he bought this weekend he's really excited because he wants us to meet this girl he's been


dating Loki for a minute long story short after sending her pick in our group chat turns out she's the girl I


met at the king's party I can't lie I don't know if I should tell him or not I low-key want to see her again to help


Gina 32. now I don't I'm I'm a Jay so I don't know if Gina's a


guy or a girl don't know if it matters either way Gina 32 wants to see the Girl Again knowing that a would determine if


it's male or female there's a few things I need to dissect


okay so Gina met this guy yeah a kinky party


yeah party they had fun they had fun The Best Time Ever she's really into her right so then uh cut to her Bridge's


Warehouse yeah is it the Bridge's girlfriend or just the chick that he's been seeing he's really excited he wants me to see me wants us to meet this girl


he's been dating Loki okay fine right okay fine so it's just a girl that he's been dating yeah right so you need to


tell your bridgen do you know the other day that I was I hooked up with this girl because otherwise it's going to be a fly in the woman and it's going to be


like it's something this secret that you have with your bridging and it's not nice but the other thing is what is this


line about you oh yeah I want to see you again like what are you gonna do like you're gonna go to your Bridges what


type of friend are you that's what I'm looking at as well you're gonna go to your Bridge's new house he's going to introduce you to this new girl and then


you're going to be eyeing up the gal on the side yeah do you know what he is what she is saying is going to take


place no I think yeah who are you [Laughter]


she should go to the she should go to the housewarming is it household yeah she should go to the house woman and see


what that girl's reaction is that's what I think yeah but I I don't think she should tell her I think hold on not yet


normally I would say but it depends so if she's because you don't know what the


Virgin knows like so the bridge you might know that she goes to these kinky things yeah yeah do you know what I mean yeah so it's just like see what she if


she goes they did something at the kinky yeah but still but her project might might not know that it's her but knows


that she does things at these kinky things okay do you know what I mean so they might have that kind of relationship so if she if you go to the


house woman and you see her and she's just like oh what's your name then you know


but did it you see the picture in the group yeah yeah I wasn't sure I had to see her in person yeah I had to yeah I


think I would be like unfortunately the situation is I'm seen this girl in a different way


yeah evidence drop it's a bit hard to come back that's my favorite friend and


especially if like like they're saying I've been dating for a minute and you know a minute nowadays means 10 years or whatever I don't know what minute this


time frame reflects but Loki for a minute is a quite a long while


and also weren't we just saying the other day


like we were talking about don't always tell look but where are we saying now weren't we saying the other day that


when you start dating somebody new put it in the group and be like yo does anybody know this person


so if you're my Bridget she didn't know why I'm flying though how do you know


I've Been Kissed fair for her to go to the house moving party and see the girl


a knee if it's a bit dodgy don't tell your bedroom but what are you doing because she's awesome she wants to do


stuff it's your friend maybe it's your bedroom


it's different outside of the screen yes


see what the reaction is if she play if she plays dumb then I'm gonna have to tell my budget if she's just like oh I


remember you from the thing I'm gonna be like oh yeah we should I'm gonna tell my man by the way do you know what I mean


so either way you're telling your bridge but you just want to see her I want to see your reaction just so I know


I feel like we should have the the housewarming should take place like I don't think it should be blown up


here we go oh I don't want to disrupt the house I'm trying to get a win-win-win


situation let's let the house warm in an introduction go ahead


afternoon afternoon aunties I've been seeing this guy for six months we're not strangers as we


went to the same College I found out through one of my friends that he has a girlfriend and she's due in three months


okay wait how long has she been seeing him I've been listening I've been seeing


this guy for six months wait we went hold on yeah okay fine


I've been seeing this guy for six months we're not strangers we went to the same College years ago I found out through one of my friends that he has a


girlfriend and she's due in three months can you imagine we even had sex in his car in quotes turns out it was her car I


want to tell her but I don't want to bring any stress to a pregnant woman should I wait until the baby is born then tell her or should I let Karma deal


with him oh God sometimes right I [ __ ] can't stand


there she can't tell the pregnant chick no she can't do that three months ago she might


tell her no she's due in three months right yes the guy no who didn't say the guy doesn't know that she knows I know


that she knows that she does Australian it well not well I guess the Dilemma is to tell the girlfriend or not yeah


that's the I I think she's just needs to tell the guy he's a [ __ ] yeah like


expose him and lock him off you can't go and tell a pregnant woman that she's got three months left you can't do that to


you like if this is maybe it's not your business but what you should do is lock off the guy tell the guy you know and


maybe the bridge who's the friend again the friend that gave me the information oh okay like who's the where where's


that person in this situation is there someone that can put the threat that if you don't tell your misses once this is


all done and dusted we're gonna let them know whatever but I just don't think I


just don't think he's gonna get away with it yeah he's got it away that's the thing they get away with it do you know what I mean I mean there's someone is


there someone that can kind of get no because Eve but how the Mad thing is you're going to blow up the family yeah


yeah what came into my head is like the woman's six months pregnant yeah and you've been seeing this other [ __ ] for


six months yeah yeah and then you [ __ ] her in your baby mother's car yeah you're a nasty piece of work


okay you have the pregnant girlfriend there that's his girl as well


should you tell her once she's had the child that is still blowing up her family I don't think she should it's


very it's a it's a hard one but this guy has no morals I think the best thing you


can do is just remove yourself that's exactly yeah that's exactly what I think she needs to remove herself from the


situation Karma will come and bite my nose let him go and live his happy little life and like everything's fine


he will what's done in the dark will come to light and he's going to get his used to you that's disgusting a woman's


pregnant and you're you're having sex with someone else and then you're going home and like nah that's all levels of


scum yeah I'm not saying she you know because the thing is you don't want she shouldn't have to have that on


her either as well that she's I'm not saying that she's of course he's the cause but if she goes and she says it to


the to the woman that's pregnant and she breaks up that family that's you know she's been the the


Catalyst to that hasn't she yeah and I don't think that should be she shouldn't have to have that on her that she's the


cause of that that's him he's done that she shouldn't have to take responsibility for that at all it's horrible yeah especially you had no clue


exactly yeah this is the only probably one of the few well I'll be like um not


say anything to be honest just don't date Jasmine needs to not go back there though and


also as well he's scummy because why in your in your baby's car


you could do better than that Jasmine come on now I think so yeah there's also those levels and I guess maybe if she


goes through all of the different plays that he had because he had a pregnant girl was you ever in his place did you


know where he lived like there's going to be stuff he's just lying yeah he's just a liar just a Liars hi aunties I


can't find my clothes when I'm at my boyfriend's and I've come across his ex's clothes not just a one or two but


through a few bras knickers and sportswear what it's now getting suspicious this is


all Keisha who's 27 said I can't find my clothes on like my boyfriend's I've come across his ex's clothes not just a one


or two but a few bras knickers and sportswear it's now getting suspicious


I know I'm really sorry that I asked if you're all right I'm really really sorry forgive me but


you need to leave he's not your boyfriend no because what he's doing is he's he's moving his stuff he's moving


his girlfriend's stuff from the house sorry let me rephrase he is removing your clothing from his house because his


girlfriend comes there and he doesn't want his girlfriend to see your clothing that's what's happening he also doesn't


care that you see her he doesn't care because you've come across me that means he's not going to live because how often can you come across it's not like one


time you know let you start dating someone new and they might have like a jumper in the wardrobe that belongs I've never had this but they might have a


jumper in the wardrobe that belongs to their ex right remnants right but not every time you go there and knickers and


Brian things like that what is going on and you're not saying nothing sure Keisha Honey Sweetie seriously


honestly you need to wise up babe I don't want to be rude but you need to be smarter yes okay yes seriously it's


enough it's enough the the flags is yeah yeah it is like that's ridiculous it's a


massive fully up the pole you know you know when a guy has two girls and they both start playing the same game of


leaving stuff in the house yeah I think they're playing this game I think she knows I think she's been leaving clothes


there when she saw her bra the other girl saw her stuff she leaves more stuff


there they're both trying to stake a claim on this dude instead of leaving the man he'll play both of you forever


the girlfriend is winning because you're fine you're finding more stuff and your stuff's gone well no what what if your


stuff doesn't care he knows this game as well and nobody's leaving him the girlfriend is probably the one that has


taken away her clothes it's probably not the guy the girlfriend takes her clothes away dashes it somewhere leaves her


pants in and you come round you see her stuff and you're like I'm not gonna say


anything because he's just saying it's my age to the other girl he's saying the same you're both being played yes just


leave him call the other girl find out leave him dear aunties I want to keep my


relationship going but anytime I bring up my partner's ex or ask about their relationship he flares up Leticia 28.


that's all she said what's going on guys I want to keep my relationship going but


anytime I bring up my partner's ex or ask about their relationship he flares up


girl how is she 28 baby there's still time still you can start


again it's all right babe all right okay so but want to keep the relationship going okay


at any time I ask about their relationship he flares


up why are you asking about your partner's eh that's what I was like me too yeah


because then that no why are you if she keeps on asking and it's just


like why are you asking about this chick all the time every time yeah then you've asked before so you've


done it from the time yeah do you know what I mean from the first time so the first initial time I'm taking you blew


up why I took it that she keeps on asking so


maybe it's like did you guys go to McDonald's have you been to this restaurant did you go to this and he's


just like did you rub your feet like this it's like it's just allow it like yeah why are you but that's the question


though why are you always asking about his ex and what they were doing and also if he's


if there's room before that relationship was shitty for him possibly yeah it could be it could be like defensive


flaring up and flaring up there's a range of flair there's I like your violence she just leave it alone because


I'm with you now nice give a red flag it's just giving


red flag if you're flaring up I'm not asking you a question and about your ex and you're flaring up it's a red flag it


just it just so it's okay for a guy to continuously ask you about an ex if he's


asking me why am I flaring up though that's the thing so if he's asking me that we're not I I'm not reading that


continuous from you you're taking that I'm not I'm just taking it as like you're asking about something and your


reaction is a very negative one do you know what I mean so like why is your reaction so negative so that that's two


red flags one what's happened in the past and why are you having this negative reaction this negative reaction


cannot sit with my being no do you know what I mean so no I don't think this person is right for you I get the it's


weird that he's flowing up there are reasons where he could be but he's like why don't you just nip it in the bud and give her the answers that she's also


asking for because why does she have to keep on asking so there's that why are you do you keep on asking what what does


that answer what does the answer provide you for you in order to keep the relationship going because Leticia in


this very short statement that you've given the aunties to deal with leaving room for a lot of ambiguity is that you


want to keep this relationship going so is this relationship great on all fronts except for when the x is mentioned now


did he leave her for you and now you're concerned has he got children with her and now you're concerned like why like


there's so much if he hasn't said anything uh at all and


he's angry that's a problem it's weird yeah that's a freaking problem Oh overall this don't sound like a good


situation for either party because if you're feeling insecure about the relationship that you really want to


keep going at least I should write back and ask tell us why he needs more yeah as to why you want this relationship to


keep going that you're willing to answer why you're asking why are you that's him asking him she


wants to know I want to know why people need to keep asking yeah yeah yeah thank you dear aunties I want to go


on holiday with my partner he said that he will plan it but he's superlastminute.com but likes to disguise it as being spontaneous Anna


30. guys you're really sorry


said that he will plan it yeah but he's superlassminute.com okay but this guy's at that super superlastminute.com


Behavior as being spontaneous yeah let him plan it yeah it's fine letting


Planet yourself and go by yourself planet and back up a plan that's what you do but let him plan it and have a


side little thing where it's like pay on arrival do that but and then you can cancel if he plans it and you go somewhere and it's wonderful just cancel


your booking in it I have to again wondering like we said to Leticia is he worth all of this babying


be in here he's not baby because if he's all if he wants to plan it yeah every


time because she's like I want to go on holiday with my partner but then that suits that to me denotes a pattern of


behavior that he's always super last minute about things yeah that's what she said yeah yeah so then but he said he's willing to plan it so let him plan it


yeah every single time but he's willing to do it if that's the partner that you chose and that's who


they are sorry I would just try to get somebody that's who they are then you've accepted


that that's the person that's in your life yeah so you know that they're last minute so you have to adjust yourself do


you know what I mean and deal with that situation if he's worth it with that adjustment that's all okay but why would it be that


crazy the thing is this just sounds like somebody wanted to moan for moaning sake


like you've picked this dude you know his temperament he's going to do a holiday that you want to go on have some


gratitude if he does it last minute he does it last minute this is the guy that you're with yeah it's just that that's it I think


there's a bit of acceptance there bro yeah yep yeah agreed we're not accepting you're moaning no I wish I had a guy


that would want to take me on holidays exactly this isn't where you can't thank you




I was quite liking these two seconds


I am sad um there was this woman and her name is


bissy and she has four children and she's homeless her children aged from 11 months one year and 11 months four years


and seven years now for 16 days she's been seeking accommodation and she's been bounced from Pillar To Post between


lewisham and bexleyheath um bexleyheath Town Council and both of


them are refusing to take ownership and take matters into their own hand she's had to sleep in bed she's had to sleep


in the police station in the reception desk she's had to do all of this [ __ ] and this is in a country that just paid


250 [ __ ] million on a coronation so that makes me very very sad


um I'm mad that the UK wants to resume or animal testing yeah what the [ __ ] oh yeah like 25 years after the band they


are now going to resume animal testing for makeup ingredients and I just don't understand or see the point in it and I just you know I don't get it like we


just seem to be going backwards in time yeah you know didn't they open up mine or something like that the other day as well like I actually don't understand


what's [ __ ] happening yeah yeah so that made me very very mad


um I'm also mad at the Met police officer who was found not guilty after GB for gbh after he paralyzed the man


that when he tasted him that made me very mad um I am glad that you guys are here man


I'm glad that we got this little thing up and running that you know at Garden studios hashtag Garden shoejos


um yeah yeah I'm glad that we're here and uh hopefully this will be a home for a while yeah


I can go real quick I'm sad and mad at Brian McKnight you know I think it's


just a new fit unlocked on all the many things I'm scared of in the world it's another one to add to that


um and I'm glad about Brittany grinner sorry that's it um who is now back


playing in the W um yeah NBA um yeah so she's now but playing in the


WNBA and uh yeah it's good to see her back on the call like do you know what I


mean I hope she's okay uh yeah I'd love to her man okay I'm sad um kashawn rock


and blueface have been again recently she celebrated 20 weeks pregnancy and


then they started a new beef and he then showed text messages that he sent to her


basically telling her that she should have an abortion because he will ruin


her life it was just the most vile text messages to release to the public anyway but at the same time I was like these


guys I don't even know if this is real anymore like but it was so disgusting I was like this is this is violent if he


really did send it to you I don't even know how you're still saying you love this man but yeah so I was just really


sad for them I was watching it unfold because they show everything on their stories like a documentary was like okay


these two are nutty um also made me mad as well actually that was a sad and rad and I'm glad that


we have started making content for shade Borough yeah and it's just really good to have an opportunity for you know our


Gen X opinions to be out there on a on a platform like that so I'm really glad yay yeah very good all right guys thank


you for listening watching your aunties could never just to remind you we're our new home at The Hive in Garden studios


is do you want a space to record your podcast create new content rent office space we will be showing the details of


how you can do that very soon thank you thank you as always don't forget to like comment and subscribe and we're on


YouTube We're on all listening platforms and we'll be back next week bye bye bye



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